You have a right to appeal your conviction to a higher court to challenge decisions made by the judge during your case and to assert violations of your constitutional rights.  An appeal is NOT just asserting that you didn’t like the way the case turned out and want to do it again.  In order to be successful on an appeal, you  must show that there were serious errors in your case and that a new trial is necessary by law.

Appeals are a complex process. The rules of procedure and policy requirements in the appellate courts are completely different than those in the trial courts. You need the advice of an attorney to decide if appealing  your case is a good idea and worth the time, effort, and money.   It is important to consult with and hire an attorney who is experienced in the practice of appellate law, brief writing and oral argument. Collins & Associates has extensive experience in appeals and can represent you throughout the appellate process.

Sentence Modification

Under some  circumstances a sentence that is imposed by a court upon an individual can be modified or changed. Collins & Associates has been successful in modifying terms of sentences for their clients. This could include reducing the jail time previously imposed by the court or changing a condition of probation i.e. (no contact orders changed, travel restrictions lifted, probation transfers to other counties or states, etc.)

It is not easy to get a judge to change a sentence, but you do have a better chance with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney.  We will be honest with you about your chances and advise you of your options.

Pardon and Commutations

The Board of Pardons will consider applications for pardon (erasing the conviction and sentence) and they are granted if the applicant can show certain factors like positive life changes, remorse, restitution, etc.  Pardons are a complicated process. You need the assistance of an attorney to help you navigate your way to the most optimal outcome.

At Collins & Associates, we have the experience and knowledge to help you or your loved one put forth the best possible pardon  application and represent you in front of the Board.  Please contact us for a no charge consultation so we can explain the process.


An expungement removes the record of an arrest. If you were arrested but never convicted, you may not have a criminal record, but you do have an arrest record. You may be eligible to have the arrest expunged if your case was disposed of before trial. Contact us to set up a free consultation to review your eligibility for an expungement. Visit our frequently asked questions section to learn more. Expunge your record today and start fresh now.

At Collins & Associates, we understand the importance of clearing their clients’ arrest records. In addition if you were found not guilty or if your case was dismissed, you may be eligible for an expungement. Contact Collins & Associates for a no charge initial consultation at 302-655-4600 to learn your options.

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