Personal Injury

If you are injured or your rights are violated through the fault of another person or a corporation, you may be entitled to compensation.  Raeann Warner has extensive experience in cases involving personal injury (car wrecks, workplace injuries, premises liability), sexual abuse and assault, toxic tort, employment, and civil rights.  She has tried numerous cases in federal and state courts in Delaware.  She has also acted as local counsel for a variety of national or out-of-state law firms including Roundup, Talc, Zantac, Paraquat, Farxiga, Taxotere, and others.  She also frequently files motions for relief from stay for out-of-state law firms when a company they are suing files for bankruptcy.

Raeann also represents employees who have been wrongfully terminated or adversely affected at work. Although Delaware is an at-will state which means you can be fired or otherwise “adversely affected” for almost any reason, there are certain protected reasons under the law that you cannot be fired or otherwise adversely affected for such as protected categories under federal and state law, or for speaking out about certain limited topics involving safety or financial regulations.

All these cases have strict time limitations on when you can seek relief in Court, so you should contact Raeann for a consultation as soon as possible.

Raeann Warner can be reached at or (302) 655-4600.


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